Pet Insurance With No Excess

Looking for pet insurance that offers no-excess cover for your beloved pet?

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Treat Your Pet Like Royalty

At Prime Pet Insurance no matter what regal level of cover you have with us, you won’t have to pay any excess. This means you can claim up to 85% on all eligible vet bills (excluding Pre-existing Conditions) on our highest level of cover, and have a maximum limit each year of $14,000 to claim back.

  • No excess when making a claim
  • Dental Illness Benefit – Claim Up to $2,000 annually when you take out Sovereign or Imperial cover
  • Select from the country’s best-qualified practitioners, with a choice of any vet licensed to practice in Australia
  • With guaranteed renewal you can protect your pet for life

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Frequently Asked Questions

I already have a wonderful vet. Can my pet still visit them?

Absolutely! We help to cover eligible bills for your pet from any vet licensed to practice in Australia.

What about everyday care – does my policy help pay for that?

With our Sovereign Plan, you can choose the Routine Care option, which covers up to $80 a year spent on a whole range of everyday treatments, from teeth cleaning and de-worming to prescription diets and alternative therapies. See the Product...