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Your dog is your best friend but just because you want your pet’s care to be fit for a king (or queen), it doesn’t mean you want to be stung with a king-sized vet bill! A policy with Prime Pet Insurance can help reduce those big vet bills, while still allowing your pet to receive the royal treatment!

  • Pamper your pet with a choice of three royal plans protecting against specified accidental injury and illness: Sovereign, Imperial, and Regal.
  • Give them first-class care, with cover for up to 85% of eligible treatment costs.1
  • Claim up to $14,000 per year on eligible vet bills (a $2,000 annual per condition limit applies to our Regal plan).2
  • Select from the country’s best-qualified practitioners, with your choice of any vet registered to practice in Australia.
  • Protect your pet for life provided you renew your policy with us each year with no break in cover.3
  • Lavish extra benefits, at no extra cost like cover when travelling to Norfolk Island and New Zealand, essential euthanasia, and emergency boarding.
  • Enjoy a $2,000 annual dental illness benefit with Sovereign and Imperial plans after holding cover for two years.2

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1 The 85% reimbursement applies to the Sovereign plan.

2 Terms, conditions, exclusions, benefit limits, sub-limits and annual condition limits may apply. There’s a 2-year waiting period for dental illnesses under Sovereign and Imperial cover.

3 For as long as we offer the product and is subject to the terms and conditions of the renewal policy.

Compare dog insurance plans


Sovereign Accident & Illness Cover

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Imperial Accident & Illness Cover

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Regal Accident & Illness Cover

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Frequently Asked Questions

My pet has a hereditary problem. Is that covered?

Hereditary and congenital conditions will be eligible for cover if they haven’t shown noticeable signs, symptoms, or an abnormality at any time before the first policy period or during any applicable waiting period. General exclusions apply...

Are ongoing conditions covered for the life of my pet?

Yes. As long as you continue to renew your policy with us each year with no break in cover, we continue to offer the product and subject to the terms and conditions of your renewal policy, we’ll continue to provide cover for chronic...

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