Frequently Asked Questions

I already have a wonderful vet. Can my pet still visit them?

Absolutely! We help to cover eligible bills for your pet from any vet licensed to practice in Australia.

How much of my vet’s bill is covered?

Depending on the plan you choose, we cover up to 80% or 85% of your pet’s eligible treatment costs (excluding Pre-existing Conditions), up to your annual benefit limit. And there’s no excess to pay. There are a few treatments that aren’t covered; you can read all about them in the Product Disclosure Statement

What about everyday care – does my policy help pay for that?

With our Sovereign Plan, you can choose the Routine Care option, which covers up to $80 a year spent on a whole range of everyday treatments, from teeth cleaning and de-worming to prescription diets and alternative therapies. See the Product Disclosure Statement for details.

My pet has a hereditary problem. Is that covered?

As long as there were no signs or symptoms when your cover started, we happily cover treatments for hereditary and congenital defects (subject to our normal exclusions, which are set out in the Product Disclosure Statement).

Are ongoing conditions covered for the life of the pet?

Yes – as long as you continue to renew your policy with us each year with no break in cover, we will continue to provide cover for chronic, recurring or lifelong conditions such as cancer or arthritis. Benefits for these conditions, like any other, are subject to the annual policy limits and exclude Pre-existing Conditions.

Is there anything that isn’t covered?

We’ve tried to make Prime Pet Insurance as comprehensive as we possibly can – but like most insurance policies, it does exclude some treatments to make costs more manageable and keep premiums within reach. They include pregnancy, elective procedures, grooming, behavioural problems, and any conditions whose clinical signs were present before you took out the insurance, or during the Waiting Period. You can find the details in the Product Disclosure Statement.

There’s more than one special pet in my family. Can I insure them all?

Of course. You can insure all your special dogs and cats under the same policy (although naturally you’ll need to pay a separate premium for each pet). All additional pets insured will qualify for a 10% discount.

I’d prefer not to vaccinate my pet – will you cover them anyway?

Yes, we’ll happily cover your special pet, even if they’re not vaccinated. But if they catch any diseases that could have been prevented by vaccination, we unfortunately cannot cover the cost of their treatment for those diseases. You can find the details in the Product Disclosure Statement.

How old does my pet have to be?

You can insure your dog or cat as soon as they’re eight weeks old. For the Sovereign and Imperial Accident & Illness plans, they also need to apply before they turn nine. There is no upper age limit to apply for the Royal Accident Only plan.

Can we keep our insurance when my pet gets older?

Absolutely! Once your pet is insured with us, we guarantee to offer to renew your pet’s policy for life, without any need for time-consuming and intrusive medical exams.

When will my policy start?

Your policy starts at one minute to midnight on the day we accept your application. Once it’s started, you can claim immediately for any accidents that happen after that date. Claims for illness have to wait a little longer; generally you can only claim for treatments relating to conditions that arise 30 days or more after the start of the policy.

There is also a six-month waiting period for cruciate ligament claims unless we receive a Cruciate Ligament waiver form from your vet within 14 days of the date of examination, certifying that your pet has no history of or latent cruciate ligament conditions.

My pet’s been unwell! How do I make a claim?

We’re sorry to hear that. Be sure to get your claim to us within 90 days of your pet’s treatment. Please visit our claims section for detailed information on how to make a claim.

Why choose Prime Pet Insurance?

Breakthroughs in veterinary medicine over the last few decades mean that your pet can now enjoy a longer and more contented life than ever before. But that higher standard of care comes at a cost.

So, just as you take measures to ensure your family have the best medical care, it also makes sense to insure your pet. That way, you can always decide on the best treatment for them, without worrying about the cost.

* Source: Australian Companion Animal Council, 2010.