11 Luxury Pet Resorts Hotels & Boarding Services in Sydney

11 Luxury Pet Resorts Hotels & Boarding Services in Sydney

Sometimes the day comes that we have to jet set somewhere and must leave our precious pet behind. Yet it doesn’t have to be a traumatic event for your fine kitty or pooch. Select a gorgeous pet hotel or resort and you can rest assured that your pet will be relaxing in the lap of luxury. Here are some of the best in Sydney to consider:

1. Nepean Animal Hospital Luxury Pet Hotel, Western Sydney

The suites in the Nepean Luxury Pet Hotel have been perfectly fitted to feel just like home for your pet – except better. Pet guests have their own room with a raised bed, plenty of natural food and calming rainforest sounds. If that’s not enough for your darling, then book them in for daily massages, ball play and nature walks. Select from a range of suites such as the Paris Grande Luxury Suite, the Ancient Egypt Suite or African Safari Suite to name just a few!

2. Beverly Hills Animal Hospital, southern Sydney

The Beverly Hills Animal Hospital is home to the gorgeous Beverly Hills Suite for cats. Cats are free to roam the room and play with the multitude of toys or run about on the ramp, tunnels and bed. They will also get plenty of fresh air and sunshine through the outdoor enclosure. Plus, you know your kitty is in safe hands because the room is under constant video surveillance – which is important, considering how much mischief cats can get up to!

3. Blakehurst Vet Cat and Dog Hotel, southern Sydney

Blakehurst Vet Cat hotel - This luxury cattery is all indoors to keep your cat feeling secure. They will get lots of love and attention (when they want it) from nurses, along with soothing music and aromatherapy. If your cat is a little anxious without you, the Feliway pheromone will calm them down. There’s some fabulous rooms with hanging cat beds, plush chairs and lots of high places to climb to.

4. Hanrob Pet Hotels, various locations

Hanrob Dog hotel – Hanrob pet hotels cater to dogs and cats in Sydney and they have won numerous awards. For dogs, there’s non-allergenic trampoline beds, soothing music, premium meals twice a day and floor heating. Then there’s the option of an outdoor area, daily human and dog interaction, aromatherapy shampoos and blow dries, and even a ‘group action shot’ for you to keep!

Hanrob Cat hotel – Fastidious felines can enjoy spacious private rooms or play with the scratching post and hammock. Luxury accommodation provides a bed and doona, television, music and private balcony. And if you really want to indulge your cat, you can choose supervised play time for your kitty, plus brushing and cuddling!

5. Happy Tails Veterinary Hospital, Inner West Sydney

Happy Tails Veterinary Hospital - Dogs can enjoy four poster dog beds, trampolines, a view and at least 3 walks a day. Cats get to relax away from the dogs in their own Cat Condos and play with platforms, tunnels and hidey holes. Plus, they get to play with the carers at least twice a day.

6. 4 Paws Vet, northern Sydney

4 Paws Vet - Your cats can experience 5 star luxury accommodation in Neutral Bay and will be looked after by caring staff that will keep your kitty warm, happy and well fed. What’s more, you can have your cat checked over and then brought to optimum health with teeth cleaning, nail clipping, vaccinations and grooming. You’ll return to a chilled out kitty that is cleaner and healthier than when you left her!

7. Sydney Pet Resort, north-west Sydney

Sydney Pet Resort Offers luxury dog boarding with complimentary weekly video and photo updates sent to owners so you know your baby is in safe hands. Sydney Pet Resort also specialises in a gourmet menu with a choice of fresh or cooked mince or chicken, along with quality biscuits, canned food, tuna, rice and vegetables. Doggie guests also get a complimentary bath if they’re staying over 3 nights.

8. Divine Creatures Luxury Boarding Cattery, northern Sydney

Your cat can relax in Deluxe Condos, New York City Apartments or one of the themed suites. There’s quiet spots, sunny spots and high up spots to suit all cats of discerning taste. There’s also a fun jungle gym with rope ladders, platforms and a cubby house for some exercise. But don’t worry, cats never mix together so there won’t be any fights. For further pampering, there’s a day spa where your cat can enjoy aromatherapy, massage, brushing, nail clipping and bathing. Divine Creatures was also a finalist in the NSW Telstra Business Awards.

9. Spoilt Rotten Dogs, Inner West Sydney

Spoilt Rotten Dogs - Here’s one for the pups! Like the name suggests, your dog will be spoilt in lounge-like rooms with calm music, a soft doggy bed, daily brushing, two meals a day with a choice of menu, and daily entertainment with a television, plush toys and 10 games played everyday with both humans and other dogs. There’s also access to a splash pool, a sand pit and your dog will get two 30 minute walks every day. VIP extras include dog washing and grooming, as well as a dog pick up and drop off service if need be.

10. Aragon Cattery, north-west Sydney

Aragon Cattery - Located in the quiet rural suburb of Arcadia, cats can enjoy luxury penthouses with decked areas to sun themselves on, a lounge and lots of platforms to climb on. Your cat will stay healthy with premium produce, along with dry, canned, cooked and fresh food. Cat health and safety is ensured, as all cats must have a vaccination certificate and all toys from home must be washed and flea-free.

11. Triple Crown Pet Resort, greater western Sydney

Triple Crown Pet Resort is a purpose-built property for dogs of all shapes, sizes and personalities. Dog carers are on site 24 hours a day, 7 days a week so your pooch will always be in safe hands. Triple Crown Resort specialises in spacious living areas, soft music and large lawn areas for your dog to get some exercise. Complimentary extra s include a warm hydrobath for dogs staying more than 5 days and daily playtime.