Top 5 Ingenious Pet Gadgets

Top 5 Ingenious Pet Gadgets

Gadgets and technology have helped improve our everyday lives and given us more than a few little luxuries. So it is not surprising that the ‘pet’ world has caught on. Today there are hundreds of pet toys and gadgets, from the simply genius yet practical to the extreme and outrageous.

Here are some of our favourite gadgets that could help improve your pet’s life.

The umbrella leash

If your pooch hates walking in the rain and you dread the smell of wet fur, then this is for you. A leash that extends up through a small umbrella arm. This is a clever solution that will ensure no walks are missed and at prices ranging from $15 -$50, there is one for every budget.

A dog activated outdoor water fountain

Dogs need fresh water daily and as a busy pet owner or a travelling family, an automated outdoor water fountain is what you need. It connects to your outside tap and once the dog comes within a few centimetres of it, the sensor detects your dog and releases a gentle stream of fresh running water for your dog to enjoy at any time. This can really help on hot days when your dog needs a lot of water or when you may not be able to get home on time. The water fountain attachment is height adjustable and will suit dogs of almost any size. Starting from $70 this gadget is great value for money.

Dyson groom brush

Grooming your pets is essential to keeping them in prime condition, but as we all know it can be a messy business, unless you have the ingenious Dyson vacuum cleaner pet grooming attachment. The grooming brush is designed to get into thick under coat and as you brush it sucks up the hair straight into your vacuum cleaner. The Dyson brand is only one of many different types, but if you already own a Dyson vacuum cleaner it is as easy as adding another attachment. The Dyson attachment will set you back over $250 but could save you in the long run on regular trips to the doggy parlour.

Heated pet car seat

Let your pets travel in style and comfort with heated pet car seats.  These pet seats will create a warm and cosy pod for your pet while travelling especially on cold mornings. Your pet will feel safe and keep them secure as the pet car seat is secured by the safety belt. The pet seat is heated to a mild and comfortable temperature. Make sure that you are aware of any pet restraining laws in your state before purchasing one of these pet car seats. Expect to pay around $150 or more for a heated pet car seat.

Programmable pet feeder

There are several different versions of programmable pet feeders, ranging from the very sophisticated to simpler versions. The more sophisticated feeders can connect with Wi-Fi and can be controlled from anywhere in the world, and together with video technology you can also keep an eye on your precious pet as well as having food dispensed. The simpler versions, are programmed to dispense food at set times. These feeders are handy for pet owners who work long hours.

You could also get a pet translator to breach the gap between pet and human communication or you could try one of these clever inventions to treat your pet.