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Pet Insurance with No Excess

Looking for pet insurance that offers no-excess coverage for your beloved pet? At Prime Pet Insurance no matter what regal level of coverage you have with us you won’t have to pay any excess. This means you can claim up to 85% on all eligible vet bills (excluding Pre-existing Conditions) on our highest level of coverage, and have a maximum limit each year of $14,000 to claim back.

With the latest developments in veterinary science our furry companions are now living longer and healthier lives than ever before, but with all these advancements come increased vet bills. That’s where Prime Pet Insurance comes in to help your pet receive the highest standard of care without you having to worry about exorbitant vet bills.

Pet insurance with all of the lavish extras your pet deserves

We take our pet insurance to the next level by offering a range of lavish extras for your four-legged family member to enjoy. When you take out Sovereign Accident & Illness Cover for your pet, you’ll receive all of these benefits and more, at no extra cost:

Pet overseas travel insurance

If your pet becomes ill or is injured while traveling with you, we’ll cover the costs of vet treatment, as long as you aren’t in a country that requires your pet to be quarantined on returning to Australia.

Paralysis Tick Benefit

If your dog is bitten by a paralysis tick it can be very serious. At Prime Pet Insurance we will cover the costs of treating your pet for any conditions caused directly by the bite.

Emergency boarding

In an emergency situation where you are hospitalised for over five days in a row, we’ll cover the costs associated with boarding your pet at any licensed kennel or cattery.

Find out more about how Prime Pet Insurance’s packages can help you and your pet today by getting a quote online or call 1300 881 735 today!