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How Much Does Pet Insurance Cost?

It’s important to find pet insurance that will help protect your beloved dog or cat so that they receive the same high standard of care as any other member of the family. When it comes to pet insurance costs, we know that you want a plan that covers all bases with the option to choose some classy extras for your pet.

Prime Pet Insurance has specially developed a range of pet cover packages to suit every posh kitty or pooch’s needs. There are three regal plans to choose from: Sovereign Accident & Illness Cover, Imperial Accident & Illness Cover and Royal Accident Cover. Find out how Prime Pet Insurance can help keep your pet happy and healthy everyday with first class care.

When only the finest will do

Prime Pet Insurance packages offer a premium level of cover to help your pet receive a high level of care when they have to visit the vet. Our packages allow you to claim up to 85% of eligible treatment costs (excluding Pre-existing Conditions) and you can claim up to $14,000 a year. You’ll also be glad to know that there are no intrusive medical examinations required to be covered by Prime Pet Insurance’s packages.

Pamper your pet with a few special extras

Prime Pet Insurance goes above and beyond with lavish optional benefits to keep your pet happier for longer. Our Sovereign Accident & Illness Cover allows you to choose a Routine Care option, which provides up to $80 in value per year for everyday treatments like teeth cleaning, de-worming, prescription diets and alternative therapies to name a few.

Get a quote today to find the best package for you and your pet.