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Dental Insurance for Pets

You care for your pet by making sure they’re healthy and happy and in tip-top condition, but what about their teeth? Animals need regular dental treatment just like us, to make sure their teeth and gums are clean and free from decay. At Prime Pet Insurance, our Sovereign Accident & Illness Cover comes with the option of regular teeth cleaning when you opt for the Routine Care Benefit, and both our Sovereign and Imperial packages include up to $2,000 for some common pet dental illnesses such as gingivitis and abscesses. The dental illness benefit, which is included as part of the total amount claimable, is available after holding cover for two years. Now that should put a smile on your best friend’s face!

Why Prime Pet Insurance?

At Prime Pet Insurance, we aim to help look after every aspect of your pet’s health and we offer three inclusive levels of cover:

  • Sovereign Accident & Illness Cover – Premium protection for your pet, with cover for up to 85% of eligible vet bills (Pre-existing Conditions are excluded) and up to $14,000 a year. There’s no excess to pay and has up to $2,000 dental illness benefit, available after two years. You also have the option of taking out the Routine Care Benefit which covers some of the cost associated with teeth cleaning from day one, along with regular de-worming and vaccinating.
  • Imperial Accident & Illness Cover – This plan covers up to 80% of eligible vet bills (Pre-existing Conditions are excluded) to a maximum of $14,000 a year. There’s no excess to pay and, after holding our Sovereign package for two years, you can claim up to $2,000 under the dental illness benefit,.
  • Royal Accident Cover – While there’s no dental illness benefit, this policy does protect your pet if they’re injured in an accident, with cover of up to 80% on eligible vet bills (Pre-existing Conditions are excluded) and up to $10,000 a year, with no excess payable and no upper age limit.

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Prime Pet Insurance helps to provide a superior level of protection for your pet, so if you want to give them the kind of care you’d expect for yourself, get a quote or call 1300 881 735 today! Prime Pet Insurance – because your furry royal deserves the best protection!