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How to Keep Indoor Cats Entertained and Stimulated


We all want our pets to be healthy and happy. And when it comes to indoor cats, it’s important for them to receive enough mental and physical stimulation through things like dedicated playtime with their owner on a regular basis. Here we’ve listed som...Read more

First Aid Kits for Dogs: The Essential Items

First Aid Kits for Dogs: The Essential Items

Just as everyone should keep a first aid kit for the humans in their home, having a first aid kit for your beloved canine is also essential. Depending on your dog’s lifestyle, the contents of this first aid kit may vary – speak with your vet and get t...Read more

How to Protect Your Furniture From Your Cat


Cats are great pets. They’re soft and furry, make adorable faces, and can be affectionate (when they feel like it). They’re pretty low-maintenance too, as you don’t need to take them out for walks or let them out to do their business. Just change th...Read more

Top 8 Pet-Friendly Cities in the World

Prime Pet Infographic-Pet Friendly Cities

Across the globe, pets are cherished and loved by families from all socioeconomic groups. It doesn’t matter how much people earn, where they live or what they do for a living – pets are accepted members of many families. We’ve taken a look at ci...Read more

9 Luxury Pet Resorts, Hotels and Boarding Services in Melbourne


It’s that time of the year for a family vacation – but you need to make sure everyone will have a good time! If your destination is far-flung it may not be possible to take your pet with you, but there’s no reason that your pet can’...Read more

10 Luxury Pet Resorts & Hotels in Brisbane

Pet Resorts in Brisbane

Planning a holiday? You deserve a break from the everyday grind, and you may be looking to treat yourself to a luxurious location to rest and recharge. Before you head off on vacation, it’s a good idea to get things in order so you can really relax....Read more

Dog Hygiene Tips in 3 Easy Ways

Dog Ear & Eye Cleaning

Taking care of your dog is more than just providing them with food, fresh water and regular exercise. They need general hygiene as well, to keep them happy, healthy and away from the vet.  Dental care, grooming and keeping their eyes and ears clean from ...Read more

Top 5 Ingenious Pet Gadgets


Gadgets and technology have helped improve our everyday lives and given us more than a few little luxuries. So it is not surprising that the ‘pet’ world has caught on. Today there are hundreds of pet toys and gadgets, from the simply genius yet practi...Read more

What Should You Do if Your Cat’s a Little Fat?


Cat obesity is relatively common, with some studies suggesting that up to 50% of cats are overweight. So what you should you do if you’re one of the many owners with a cat that is carrying a few extra kilograms? Here’s a quick guide. Is my cat fat? Yo...Read more

What Foods Provide Your Dog with the Best Nutrition?


We all want the best for our canine friends, and keeping them healthy has a large amount to do with proper nutrition. A high calorie, low nutrient diet can lead to a poor coat, bad dental hygiene and internal problems, to name just a few issues. To avoid ...Read more